Albion returns to open water after her six-year slumber
22 March 2017

Half a dozen tugs carefully moved assault ship HMS Albion from the inner basins at Devonport to Weston Lake – raising the curtain on the final stages of her regeneration.

After two years of extensive work inside and out to breathe new life into the ship – put into extended readiness following the 2010 Defence Review – the Lion is nearly ready for sea trials.

A whoosh from Westminster as she tests her submarine-hunting kit
21 March 2017

HMS Westminster’s long road back from refit to premier sub hunting took a big leap forward when she flashed up two key pieces of equipment.

The frigate – just out of a two-year revamp in her native Portsmouth – uncoiled her mile-long towed array (used to listen for submarines) and fired her on-board torpedo defence system.